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Digital Marketing (SEO/SEM/Social)

The landscape for brand communication is shifting daily as digital communication and social media platforms respond in real time to the demands of their users. Being a good brand steward requires a daily vigilance that is increasing in complexity at a rapid pace. We have the ability to communicate your brand message in more ways than ever; through myriad graphic, written and verbal communication forms. This is a powerful force, and Martin & Company can help you harness it.

  • Email MarketingFrom abandoned cart eCommerce remarketing to maximizing communication with prospective customers, we can help you automate your email marketing process. We have capabilities across a variety of platforms and can help you get set up or run your entire email campaign.
  • Social Media – Your followers don’t want to just read about you. They want to engage and develop a personal relationship with your brand. We can help you join new platforms ideal for your target market, optimize existing channels—including post types and timing—and help you tell stories that engage your brand with key audiences.
  • Content Marketing – We have a way with words, crafting everything from press releases, social posts and blogs, to extensive website copy, and analytics reports. Personas are the foundation of your brand, and we make sure your customers get the content they need at exactly the right time.
  • Search Engine Optimization – (SEO) helps your website win the organic click by optimizing the content on your website pages, in order to appear as high as possible on the Search Engine Results Pages on Google and Bing. SEO continues to evolve, and it can be difficult for businesses to stay up-to-date on new strategies as well as strategies that have grown obsolete. We create sites for humans, but we also know how to appease the Google gods with mobile-friendly design, local keyword optimization, unique meta descriptions, alt tags and more.
  • Digital Influencer Marketing – We help to identify trusted digital influencers in your market segment(s) to partner with and utilize your products in social media content, vehicle builds, various projects, and contests to increase your reach and sales.
  • Digital Advertising – As Google and Facebook Ad experts, Martin & Company will guide you through the world of SEM, PPC, social advertising, third party ad networks, and industry/enthusiast market websites and advertising opportunities to reach your goals. We can help you start up or refine your display and search efforts including keyword selection, ad creation and testing, as well as local targeting and remarketing ads. If something isn’t working, we will find it and fix it!
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