MAHLE Motorsports Introduces Steel Monotherm Diesel Race Pistons

MAHLE is the first name in diesel piston technology around the globe with the resources to develop the very best. Like the pistons in Audi R10 prototype that had shattered multiple records and won numerous championships. That’s why their new extreme duty steel monotherm diesel race piston is worth checking out. Designed with a race inspired lower compression bowl for extreme boost including both single and staged turbo applications.

Available for B series Cummins 6 cylinder engines, MAHLE’s steel monotherm pistons, are not only durable, but are down right invincible.

For more information call MAHLE Motorsport at 1-888-255-1942. MAHLE Motorsport is located at 270 Rutledge Rd., Unit C, Fletcher, N.C. 28732. Corporate Website:


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Mahle Motorsports Steel Monotherm Diesel Race Piston


MAHLE Motorsports Logo

Posted on: March 21, 2008 by Greg Parker

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